post No.4 Hable Construction

So, we just got in a new box of great stuff in from Hable Construction at the store. I have to say, something about the easy on the eyes, colorful but delicate, prints they come up with have the air of “life is good”.

I love this company for their patterned designs, but also because they are a team of two sisters. This hits home with me since I have two talented sisters myself that I am very close with. The three of us have a lifetime plan of collaborating on projects together. Hable is mostly a fabric line that spawned accessories. Lucky for Urbanic they added a paper line to the collection!

I actually realized my true love for Hable when i noticed someone checking out the last one of these awesome 2008 planners left on the shelf. It hit me all at once that my year would not be the same without one. Pathetic but true I scurried across the sales floor and politely grabbed it for myself.

( dear customer, sorry about that ).


One thought on “post No.4 Hable Construction

  1. I’ll have to check them out. I am in an unending search for the perfect planner. One that’s pretty, but accommodates my need for the following:

    1. Month page spreads and big boxes
    2. Dates I can read but font colors still are understated.
    3. No extra pages for addresses (please. I’m not changing them every year)
    4. Thin. No extra pages for notes, day-to-day etc.

    Maybe I’ll do one of these for 2009.

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