post No.7 S is for seahorse

Like 5 months ago Joshua and I took Javin to the long beach aquarium. He was way too young to appreciate it at that time but we were very eager parents. On the way out we decided that we would each get a souvenir from the gift shop. Javin got a stuffed animal whom we named mirf, Joshua got some candy and i found a “diamond” seahorse necklace for $6.99. I have always thought seahorses were kind of neat. Even more than I like the actual creatures, I love the re-creation of them (designed well) on other things. I really think it is something about that swirly tail. Anyway, I always wanted to wear this necklace, but every time I tried it on it lacked something so it was never a go. Recently, I re-invented it, by pairing it up with another necklace and must say, I was very proud of my combo. These days seahorses are popping up everywhere.

I have been happily stocking the store with them from lines like aquiesse, the gift bag factory and hello lucky

but there is a whole other world (and sea) full of these nautical beauties…

pillows: william sonoma, cardigan: seaton, pouch: saint9 paperweight: iomoi

Deb would be in bliss.



2 thoughts on “post No.7 S is for seahorse

  1. I LOVE some of these things, and do not think of myself (AT ALL) as a Sea Horse person. You’ve made me notice something new. Looking at these things, Sea Horses feel sort of 80’s retro elegant modern.

    I would really like to see this necklace combo…

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