post No. 16 NSS. pt 3

* part 3 of the 2008 stationery show post *

Nantaka Joy

I almost missed her and the mixed co. booth at the show, but was so glad when I realized…what would i have done? The patterns of Joy’s collection of stationery are always so unique and I am a huge fan of the metallic on kraft series.

Enid Wilson

Enid is such a brilliant artist. I always love seeing her newest collections. Both of my sisters and I share an equal appreciate her work . So beautiful.

Two Trick Pony

I am infatuated with them. This line is screaming to the world that it is excited to be in existence. I love how happy it is. Feel the sunshine right here…

So this wraps it up for the 2008 new york stationery show. There are so many other lines I would love to feature here, but this post would be eternal.


7 thoughts on “post No. 16 NSS. pt 3

  1. hello…I came across your blog (and site) a few weeks ago and I check it often to see what new things you’ve found. Thanks for posting these great examples from the NSS…it’s the first I’ve seen on my blog-rounds. I’ve never been, but your pix and comments only make me want to go more (NSS). Someday!…my pieces will be there with all of the other great exhibitors. Keep up the great design.

  2. Do you find that shop owners such as yourself, who do cards and stationery, do their own printing… and do you buy the cards and THEN ink onto them, or do you cut them yourself… I’m just curious how much is outsourced. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m interested in starting up a few cards to try and sell and sending them off to a printer seems very impersonal, and I don’t want to skimp on quality.

    Thanks in advance. =)

  3. Hi Danielle
    I would say if you are thinking about starting your own line, not skimping on quality is key. People love and notice the fine details of stationery -so if your are not able to print them yourself, find a printer that can and will be meticulous to detail ! You should print on large sheets of paper and then have them cut down professionally to the card size that you choose.

  4. I love that you feature both gentle lines like enid’s (one mood — one recipient) and then the energy of lines like Two Trick Pony. You make me wish I had a stationary store.

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