post No.15 NSS pt. 2

* part 2 of the 2008 stationery show post *

Little Oranges of California

If I could have posted as many pictures as I wanted from L.O. I would have taken up about 3 pages of this blog. I love the simple modern style of this line and the little details you find on each piece. I will definitely be posting more on these very soon.

By the way …the backs are just as beautiful as the fronts!

Fugu Fugu Press

Fresh, fun, letterpressed and completely awesome! Also totally cute “about” section on their website. I can’t wait till these arrive…..

Paper + Cup

I love paper + cup and have been thinking about their custom album now for exactly 1 year. Ridiculous that it took so long but I am SO excited to finally have “Era” on it’s way into urbanic !!

Pear & Marmalade

I discovered this line when I was shopping the latest from The Great Lakes. It is a total gem of a card line for the store!

Night Owl Paper Goods

I am still and will always be a huge fan. They are the only people on the planet that have mastered the art of being “modern yet folky” and I can’t get enough of their sustainably harvested wood collection.


3 thoughts on “post No.15 NSS pt. 2

  1. welcome back, a treasure trove of paper and press! lovely finds, wish we could touch them via blogosphere. ‘alee’ is a favorite already, can’t wait to see their site. and ‘enormous champion’ wins the name game no doubt. i’m thrilled that the craft of letterpress has seen a renaissance the past decade and that sweet shops like yours are sharing the love. rest and refresh…

  2. Love the second photo. Anything image gets personal (rather than something plain) in a card image is awesome to me. Any image that shows a feeling is something I’m all about.

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