post No.19 * Recent little spotlights *

This morning I woke up and found out that the Paper+Cup blog did a cute write up on our store.

A few weeks ago we were posted on Apartment Therapy Los Angeles for tips on staying organized!

And a few weeks before that, The Scoop wrote a lovely post about us when we launched our new website.

Feeling honored to say the least, Joshua and I just wanted to say thanks to Minhee, Laure, and Emily for the kind words.


3 thoughts on “post No.19 * Recent little spotlights *

  1. cheers to you for the props! well deserved, you have a wonderful eye for design. love, love the shrinky dinks below. wish i lived closer and could partake in the nostalgic craft and delish wine.

  2. Urbanic gets so much attention because it’s such a treasure…a fun little store with beautiful merchandise, a nice staff and a place where you look at everything and love it — both on display and when you get it home.

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