post No.20 Pre-party Happenings

The day started off perfectly. We got in our first box of Enormous Champion in and it was even better than I had remembered it!

Patio Culture dropped off a stunning vintage outdoor lounge set for the party.

Our babysitter Mirian, surprised us and made a few gallons of this AMAZING mint lemonade water. I am officially addicted to this drink from this point forward. – Also !! Joshua painted my cupcake stand white – (which I have been wanting him to do for so long!) It felt so good to see it look the way I had envisioned it finally.

AND- the cherry on top of the cake is as follows… A few days ago I was at Target checking out the Cynthia Rowley summer collection I found these stylish little tumblers that I decided I could not live without this summer. As always, our target was sold of what I wanted and I knew I wouldn’t have time to scout them out other locations in the greater Los Angeles area. Apparently my mother-in-law got word of my dilemma, and brought me a bag of these from her well stocked Orange County store. Thanks Lisa !!

The party by the way was unbelievable x 8000. I will be posting the details as soon as i get our photos together.



4 thoughts on “post No.20 Pre-party Happenings

  1. Hi Jane,
    Here is what she gave me… (It is really simple actually but something about the way she makes it always tastes better than mine !! ) About 1/2 gallon of spring water, fresh mint leaves and 4 fresh lemons , 2 tbs of sugar and ice. Let it sit in a glass pitcher for a little bit and then serve.

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