post No.21 The Backyard Lounge Party

The party was SO fun ! We knew it would be good, but had no idea we would have such a huge turn out. I was amazed at the response we had to the shrinky dink “project social” and speechless at what artistic talent I saw go through our toaster oven. I baked up over 150 creations (and was seriously slaving over the little hot oven). People maked and baked lockets, fish, owls, turntables, pigs, squid and so many other unique and tiny artworks.

I wish I had more examples of the final masterpieces, but people were snatching them up right out of the oven and stringing them around their necks.

The excitement of watching them shrink was huge. There were a few little overcooked casualties but in the end it was all good.

Michelle,our Venice neighbor, baked up these awesome cupcakes and actually made the Neighborhood bird on top with icing. Cristin, the incredible, made these little party hats for Neighborhood’s first birthday. Venice Beach Wine poured the very best for this event and I tasted some wines from Northern California vineyards that were completely new discoveries for me!

If you are one of the many that showed up, thanks for making this such a great night. Thanks also to Meg for potting all of those nice plants for us and to Paul at TastyPie Photography for taking these great shots. Special thanks to Megan at Beach Bungalow8 for showing me how to make picture mosaics, and finally, thank you to the cops for eventually shutting us down …(so our neighbors will still like us).

To see more of the pictures of the event by Tasty Pie you can view them here.


4 thoughts on “post No.21 The Backyard Lounge Party

  1. I wish I was there! It sounds like an awesome party. And I would really like a cupcake right now. Those little toppings are adorable.

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