post No.22 Cupcake Saturdays

Yesterday was the very first Cupcake Saturday at Urbanic!

The fact that we now offer cupcakes on Abbot Kinney Blvd, makes me feel complete. Here is the scoop… they are made by TasteLove BakeHouse, (which is a new little husband/wife run gourmet baking company that just popped up). The cupcakes are full of organic ingredients and bursting with tastiness.. sooooooo goood!

Such a perfect addition to the store. The gift boxes are adorable !

The flavors of the day were:

Vanilla Cloud- ( vanilla cake made with madagasar burbon vanilla bean )

Snow Cap – (chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream and a hint of sea salt)

Coconut Island -(ube purple yam coconut cake with vanilla )

Heart of Gold- (chocolate cake filled with organic peanut butter & topped with crushed salted peanuts)

Saint Chocolate -(chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream & milk chocolate sprinkles from France

Next week, and every Saturday we will have a new batch of flavors to choose from. These can be pre-ordered for pick up or purchased at the store in singles, half dozens, or dozens.

Due to the popularity of the minis we were giving out on Saturday, we will also be offering mini sets as well.

seriously, could this be any more cheerful?


6 thoughts on “post No.22 Cupcake Saturdays

  1. Wow! If I didn’t live on the East Coast , I’d be at Urbanic every Saturday filling up on cupcakes and Enormous Champion box sets.

  2. Hi there!

    I have been to your shop many times with Paperwink Tara and Darcey – I worked at Knock Knock with them a while back…

    Just wanted to say that your store is great (an inspiration), your website is an addiction and your blog is just plain FUN!

    Great job!

    Meredith Williams

  3. yep, two weeks in a row i’ve brought Tastelove cupcakes to my after-work social hangs and have gotten rave reviews on those tasty treats! please let them know my friends are loving them.

    also – went to vegetarian bbq tonight and brought the vegan cupcakes. people thought they were delicious and were surprised to find out they were vegan!

    i’ll see you again next week! 🙂

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