post No.30 Camping circa 1960’s

Old School Stationery recently came out with this “camping circa 1960’s” letterpressed line of cards, journals and wall hangings. We ordered them for urbanic and I have to say ever since we got them in I have been feeling the urge to road trip and go camping ( which i never usually want to do ). I am not the best camper, but I am charmed by the idea of it. I love looking at pictures of my family when we were kids in the 70’s and treasure the photos of my sister and I with red bandannas and braids in our hair. I remember picking wild flowers, loving the campfires and eating carrot cake in the woods. Most classic are the pictures of my parents and all of their friends in bell bottoms with shrunken T-shirts, hanging out around our campsite with acoustic guitars – doing fun things like building us a swing in the trees out of logs and heavy twine.

I am captivated by these prints (and have never seen anything like them in stationery). The colors and composition are stunning. The subject of these “campers” are equally as refreshing as they are mysterious and I kind of feel like I am getting a glimpse into someone’s summer day in the 60’s .

Definitely worthy of being a wall hanging.


3 thoughts on “post No.30 Camping circa 1960’s

  1. love these! so nostalgic; the palette, the design, really wonderfully unique. lots of memories of camping here in the midwest and these capture them perfectly.

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