post No.31 Someone else’s mail

Everyday I receive tons of mail meant for people who occupied this residence years ago. Mostly it’s junk mail, but every now and then I get a cool magazine or someones birthday cash. (just kidding). Anyway, today I got an awesome postcard letting someone know that there was a new store opening up in Studio City called Henry Road. The postcard was enticing so I checked it out online and discovered an absolute wonderland of design!

How cool are these fabric patterns? I mean really. This was no ordinary junk mail.

Although it wasn’t meant for me- I am sold anyway, and I now have it on my to-do list to find this place next time I am in the valley.

Hooray for random discoveries.


4 thoughts on “post No.31 Someone else’s mail

  1. I LOVE this store!. I live in the Valley and always stop by this store on my way to cross roads (the second hand cloth store). This was the store that inspired me to have some wall paper in my house (which I haven’t done yet). Definitely go! and take your time to walk through all Ventura Blvd. there are many of cute new little stores up until Whitsett ๐Ÿ˜‰

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