post No.33 Postage Gone Good?

You have no idea.

For the longest time I have had the biggest beef with the USPS because the postage options are always such an eye sore. I had to resort to getting my own postage made (glam shot below) to give people the option of beautifying the outside of their envelopes- instead of being forced into the monopoly of quilts, flags, hearts and desert rodents.

The bottom line is that mail is fun and postage should be too! There is way too much great graphic design in this world to have such an essential part of every day life lacking so greatly – right?

Anyway, maybe I am the last one to know about this but -could it be true? A glimmer or hope in the system…

These are awesome! ( and a very nice acknowledgement of mid-century talent). Bravo post office.

PS. great inspirational quote:

” It makes me feel guilty that anybody should have such a good time doing what they are supposed to do.” -Charles Eames


2 thoughts on “post No.33 Postage Gone Good?

  1. NO WAY. I am going to usps to order them….now! Can I see some details of your custom stamps? I can’t believe you got them made!

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