post No.39 Parcel Post Giveaway!

Recently Urbanic was the lucky 1st prize winner of a contest we participated in at the national stationery show. We received a big box full of super amazing stationery from lines like, Binth, Two Trick Pony, Pancake and Franks, La Familia Green, Paper+Cup, Egg Press ( plus a bunch more) AND we will be receiving 2 copies of the new Handmade Hellos book as soon as it is released.

Handmade Hellos is a new book, that features a variety of projects from several of the best paper artists of today. It was put together by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of Hello!Lucky.

In the midst of all the fun, I decided that I was going to pass some of these winnings on to you, so here it is… The First Official Parcel Post Giveaway Contest!

***The Prize is a box full of stationery from 14 different designers and 1 copy of the Handmade Hellos book ***

To Participate, All you need to do is post a comment -any comment- to this blog post ! ( it has to be this post.)

Guidelines: You have until August 21, 2008 to post a comment. The winner will be randomly chosen on August 22 and announced on Parcel Post – so check back here to see if you have won. Please note: “anonymous” comments will not be counted, so make sure you identify your post with a name.


57 thoughts on “post No.39 Parcel Post Giveaway!

  1. okay. Urbanic is the best stationary store on earth. Parcel Post is the best blog I’ve ever read, and Audrey is the world’s most creative entrepreneur. This giveaway rocks!

  2. your timing is fantastic–i’ve been absolutely fixated on letter stamps lately, just like the ones featured on the ‘handmade hellos’ cover…a great companion for the old wood letter stamps i got at a lawn sale recently.

  3. We recently got our wedding invitations from Urbanic and they’re the most beautiful pieces of paper we’ve ever laid eyes on! Everyone has been emailing me saying how much they love them and one friend even asked if it was okay that she was jealous and wished she could go back in time and get invitations just like ours. Anyway, thank you!!!

  4. how fabulous A! I actually just met Eunice of Hello Lucky! when my man and I were in SF celebrating our 1yr. anniversary. Their shop was right up the street from our hotel. How lucky for us!

  5. I’m frothing at the mouth just thinking about that wonderful box packed to the gills with happy prizes. I would do just about ANYTHING to win!!

  6. audrey, i LOVE your store and this is a great way to reward customers and blog readers! looking forward to the party tomorrow night πŸ™‚

  7. How incredibly generous of you! Thank you so much for putting together this AWESOME giveaway! Like many others who have posted, I’m obsessed with paper art and stationery. My fingers are crossed!

    Thanks again!

  8. I happened by your boutique yesterday and loved the presentation as well as the atmosphere — generous inspiration for an ocean of communicating and exchange! Kudos!

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