post No.50 Is It Fall?

So I just arrived back into town, and when we got off the plane in L.A it was a little cool and overcast. This was such a nice transition after the hot desert. It was feeling a bit like fall – which many of us might agree – is the best season in the entire universe! I started feeling that yearning for it. Then I walked into the store and saw that we just got in these stunning new sheets of wrap in from Elum – and that was it for me.

Fall is on!

5 things autumn makes me want to do right now:

  1. sit outside and write letters to people that I miss
  2. find leaves to be near
  3. spend time on creative photography
  4. clean out all of my drawers
  5. bake for our neighbors

The reality is, it will probably end up being like 85 out today, and I have two weeks worth of emails to tackle, but now that fall is in my head, it is the start of a new season.


post No.49 The Pallazo

I have like 2 seconds to write this, but our stay at the Pallazo has been a great experience so far. Most noteworthy has been the staff. How is it that everyone is so completely friendly and in a good mood in one hotel in Vegas? This alone has made the stay here enjoyable, but I will admit that the visuals have been a perk also (as well as the Barney’s) Ha! good times in Vegas. I found an AMAZING LINE for neighborhood. So new – there are no pictures yet. I will scavenge some and post very soon.

post No. 47 I Heart New York

So I am finally back from NYC, and I have to say, we had a really great trip. Not only did we get an eyeful of lots of great design at the gift show, but the city itself always makes my heart pound. Highlights for me include, the random Mirachi band that started playing (in full garb) on the subway at 8:30 in the morning, realizing that I was walking right next to Johnathan Adler down an aisle at the Javits, barbecuing with some good friends on their rooftop in Brooklyn, and eating cherry water ice with my sisters in South Philly. I love the city and miss living on the east coast, but glad to be able to go back as often as I do. Every time i get back to L.A I feel a little homesick, so I gathered some paper-ey treasures i am loving right now that capture the spirit of the metropolis.

above: stiched giftbag by Sukie & city neighborhood poster by Ork

new york map notebook by Bombus & skyline gift tags by The Cutting Edge

city girl card by Hello Lucky & new york pocket journal by Cavalini

I will be highlighting finds from the show in the next week or so, but am off again for another trip in the morning.

post No.46 And The Winner Is…

This morning I picked a winner for the First Official Parcel Post Giveaway . I wrote each post number down on a piece of paper, folded them up, put them in a basket and picked one.
So the winning number is ….

#45 posted by Meredith that never wins anything- finally won something!

I have to say this was really fun for me – and I kept wishing everyone could win. This made me decide I will be doing many more giveaways very soon, so stay tuned for that. I am still on the eastcoast but flying back today with so much to report from nyc.

Until then have a great weekend. ( summer is almost over )

* A

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post No.44 Wiley Valentine Rules

I love Wiley Valentine…… a lot.

I love the designers Emily and Rachelle, I love the name Wiley Valentine, (named after their grandmothers), I love their hold button music, and most of all I love their amazing designs. When I first opened the store they were one of the first custom albums I brought in. I was really impressed when I discovered how modern and stylish their flat printed invitations were – while still maintaining a classic elegance.

The BIG news is…. They recently added a new collection of letterpress invitations!!!

The palate of ink colors is brilliant and the graphic patterns are so unique.

The line is totally special. The rsvp cards have a neat little area to write notes to the bride and groom and they print on the envelopes beautifully to match the design of each suite. It is all about the creative details here.

They even now offer these custom letterpressed coasters which are so cute! The new collection came out amazing. I wish I could post all of it, but if you use your imagination for a second, a few of my favorites are called… Island Fete, Forest Fairytale, California Chic, and Southern Splendor. No actually scratch that, really you just have to just check them out….HERE .

oh to be a bride again!

post No.43 Sailboats & Sale

Recently we had a little morning picnic at this penninsula near our house that we call “sailboat park”. I kind of got obsessed with how awesome sailboats are with their bright colors, sporty stripes and random numbers (does anyone know- are these like license plates or something?) Anyway, I love how great they transition into style….

The key hook (fluffyco), the Tshirt (industry) and the necklace (janna conner) are from Neighborhood. The pillow and the wallets (reiter8’s shop) are made from recycled sails !! how cool is that? The stamp (noteworthy) is part of a custom stamp line we have at Urbanic.

Also super cute flyer for the Neighborhood Sunset Sale. Click Here for more info.

post No.42Yellow Owl Workshop

Yellow Owl Workshop has arrived at Urbanic! Joshua and I first loved them when we met them in NYC for their amazing design work, and then double loved them because they are a husband and wife team – which is something we can totally relate to.

Nature-inspired (and earth friendly in every step of the making ), this line is a complete treasure chest of specialness. The above landscape journal is one of my favorite pieces in the collection

The seascape / landscape stamp sets are such a rare find. We put them out for the DIY Venice Postcard Project and I was blown away at how many different creative interpretations there were using them. The wood box packaging is great, but look how cool the actual stamps are inside …


This card collage above was originally uploaded by modish – and was such a score because i ordered these styles for Urbanic. The greeting cards are art prints. Each one is hand screened, printed on recycled paper and is signed and numbered on the back.

……so excited to have them !

Post no.41 Detailed Desk Accessories pt.2

Right now I have several huge overwhelming piles of paper work on my desk, so it was of great relief to me that we just got in these task clips from Knock Knock. Not only are they snappy looking, but they are functional in the most practical way.

Luckily each kit contains several of each clip command, so I know that my “do” and “now” piles will not have to be compromised.


post No.40 BackyYard Lounge Party 2

This past Friday, both of our stores urbanic and neighborhood hosted another first fridays“back yard lounge event”. If you came and hung out with us, we loved having you! If not, we hope you can make it to one of our future events.

The above picture is one of my all time favorites! There is SO much creative busy-ness going on (my dream come true in planning this part of the event). The “Greetings from Venice” DIY postcard project was phenomenal. Our concept was old-school, grass roots California (think O.P. ’83) – to go along with the theme of Aviator Nation. We styled out the place with primary colors and offered a Venice postcard template equipped with just a hint of an abstract rainbow outline ( hand drawn by Kendra of Hi design). We put out creative supplies for making and stood back to watch as people designed their hearts out! I can’t even tell you how many AWESOME postcards went through this place. Honestly I was sad to see many of them go. **So if you were one of the brilliant artists, please note, that I would love it if you sent me one! **

Personal highlights for me were… baking the rainbow sprinkled cupcakes, a surprise visit from one of my east coast BFF’s, partnering with the amazing Paul Esposito in taking these photos, and having Haley Joel Osment roll through with his boys. ( I have always adored that kid.)

The Aviator Nation Runway Show turned out really good. I have to hand it to Paige Mycoskie, She had the whole thing worked out to a science. From the neon light clad runway to the gigantic rainbow striped RV that she parked in front of our stores – the whole event was really tight.

A special thanks also to our next door neighbor Jennifer Siegel from OMD. She was cool enough to let us use her highly coveted prefab for the runway.

All in all, a really fun time. A perfect summertime party. I am exhausted in a good way. If you want to see more pictures click here.