post No.42Yellow Owl Workshop

Yellow Owl Workshop has arrived at Urbanic! Joshua and I first loved them when we met them in NYC for their amazing design work, and then double loved them because they are a husband and wife team – which is something we can totally relate to.

Nature-inspired (and earth friendly in every step of the making ), this line is a complete treasure chest of specialness. The above landscape journal is one of my favorite pieces in the collection

The seascape / landscape stamp sets are such a rare find. We put them out for the DIY Venice Postcard Project and I was blown away at how many different creative interpretations there were using them. The wood box packaging is great, but look how cool the actual stamps are inside …


This card collage above was originally uploaded by modish – and was such a score because i ordered these styles for Urbanic. The greeting cards are art prints. Each one is hand screened, printed on recycled paper and is signed and numbered on the back.

……so excited to have them !


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