post No.43 Sailboats & Sale

Recently we had a little morning picnic at this penninsula near our house that we call “sailboat park”. I kind of got obsessed with how awesome sailboats are with their bright colors, sporty stripes and random numbers (does anyone know- are these like license plates or something?) Anyway, I love how great they transition into style….

The key hook (fluffyco), the Tshirt (industry) and the necklace (janna conner) are from Neighborhood. The pillow and the wallets (reiter8’s shop) are made from recycled sails !! how cool is that? The stamp (noteworthy) is part of a custom stamp line we have at Urbanic.

Also super cute flyer for the Neighborhood Sunset Sale. Click Here for more info.


3 thoughts on “post No.43 Sailboats & Sale

  1. Hi Neighbors!

    Finally I am writing in hopes of not being too late for the contest! 🙂 And also to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sailboat inspiration you’ve got going on… Sailboats are so lovely and simple… There is something so serene about them, don’t you think…

    I will have to stop by soon for a little shopping! See you then…


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