post No.44 Wiley Valentine Rules

I love Wiley Valentine…… a lot.

I love the designers Emily and Rachelle, I love the name Wiley Valentine, (named after their grandmothers), I love their hold button music, and most of all I love their amazing designs. When I first opened the store they were one of the first custom albums I brought in. I was really impressed when I discovered how modern and stylish their flat printed invitations were – while still maintaining a classic elegance.

The BIG news is…. They recently added a new collection of letterpress invitations!!!

The palate of ink colors is brilliant and the graphic patterns are so unique.

The line is totally special. The rsvp cards have a neat little area to write notes to the bride and groom and they print on the envelopes beautifully to match the design of each suite. It is all about the creative details here.

They even now offer these custom letterpressed coasters which are so cute! The new collection came out amazing. I wish I could post all of it, but if you use your imagination for a second, a few of my favorites are called… Island Fete, Forest Fairytale, California Chic, and Southern Splendor. No actually scratch that, really you just have to just check them out….HERE .

oh to be a bride again!


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