post No.50 Is It Fall?

So I just arrived back into town, and when we got off the plane in L.A it was a little cool and overcast. This was such a nice transition after the hot desert. It was feeling a bit like fall – which many of us might agree – is the best season in the entire universe! I started feeling that yearning for it. Then I walked into the store and saw that we just got in these stunning new sheets of wrap in from Elum – and that was it for me.

Fall is on!

5 things autumn makes me want to do right now:

  1. sit outside and write letters to people that I miss
  2. find leaves to be near
  3. spend time on creative photography
  4. clean out all of my drawers
  5. bake for our neighbors

The reality is, it will probably end up being like 85 out today, and I have two weeks worth of emails to tackle, but now that fall is in my head, it is the start of a new season.


One thought on “post No.50 Is It Fall?

  1. Fall is stubborn though. Indian summer (on the East Coast at least) can last into November sometimes. Last year, there (literally) was no fall. I hope…I hope…

    Brown and yellow ARE the colors of fall.

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