post No.51 Crests

It all started with these…

This super stylish customer who shops at urbanic was wearing one of these foxman necklaces from brooklyn. I loved it instantly and ordered a few different styles for neighborhood. I am thinking there is something to love about crests. Sure, they are associated with being stuffy or whatever, but really, what other motif could possibly fit so much information into such a small amount of space? Below are some of my favorite crest designs right now…

1. the regional assembly of text logo 2. birthday card by the great lakes 3. greyhound birthday card by pear & marmalade 4. and 6. custom crest designs by yellow owl workshop 5. congratulations card by peculiar pair press

Below a box set of letterpressed lion crest stationery by wiley valentine. I love how the kraft envelope continues the design on the flap.


4 thoughts on “post No.51 Crests

  1. There’s something about a crest, when not used in advertising, that is really appealing. It’s all the benefits of a logo without the cheesy free publicity of a name brand.

    I’m loving those owls.

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