post No.52 Girl of all Work

Back to school time was always my favorite time of year growing up because I LOVED going to the store to get folders, notebooks, pens, and all kinds of fun school supplies. Even though I am not a student anymore, I still try to award myself with office accessories every September anyway to keep my little tradition alive (i am such a dork, I know). Anyway, I am currently obsessed with “Girl of all Work”, and decided there is nothing more fitting for this post! Someone actually said to me the other day when the shipment arrived… “This stuff is so Urbanic”!

wood seals! wow… enough said.

these fancy journals sets are incredible! I love the idea of chapters.

silk screen owl/wood grain notepads with 100% recycled paper

fabric wrapped button magnets

Kay real quick, here is the story behind the name. “Girl of all work” refers to a domestic servant in the 19th century Europe who did an incredible number of tasks. Dyna (the designer) took the name and put a modern twist to it, to reference all the women of today who juggle a ton of responsibilities.


5 thoughts on “post No.52 Girl of all Work

  1. Another thing we have in common! I loved stocking up for the first day of school too. All the fresh notebooks and special pens. Great post Audrey. And wow! What a fantastic logo. Kudos to Dyna!

  2. I lament my school days with bland 3-subject notebooks and trapper keeper dreams. If only this sort of thing had existed in Upper Darby, homework would have felt so different.

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