post No.53 Smock.

I ran by Smock at the National Stationery Show in May, but it was one of those crazy moments where there was so much going on- so I just grabbed some info and took off. As I was walking away I was Shocked (with a capital S) at how soft and luxurious the paper felt! When I finally got a chance to investigate further, I was impressed again to find out that all of their entire line is letterpressed on bamboo paper ( a fun and new discovery for me). Anyway, Smock is a completely sustainable company and I really appreciate that they spell out their commitment to the environment in every step of their production process.

We just received their stationery and wedding line at Urbanic, and when I was showing a friend how awesome it was, she was laughing at me and saying that I was holding the book like it was a baby. Not sure if I really was, but I will say that these designs are precious..

They definitely get an A + on these amazing fonts. Some of them are even exclusive.

Smock offers a lot of special little details like edge painting, patterned duplexed backing and hand calligraphy accents. My absolute favorite detail however, are the envelope liners! There are 27 patterns to choose from and 40+ colors you can put them in. Design heaven.

I saved my favorite invitation set for last. I am a huge fan of blind deboss, and mixed with a brown repeat pattern, a splash of color for a scripty font- I’m done!


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