post No.54 Binth City Flats

When I saw Binth at the NYGS I was so excited to see their latest, since they always soar with fresh modern design. They definitely did not disappoint with this primary color collection of city flats. Each one captures a sparkle of its city charm. The set includes Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin.

I would guess I am not alone in having a special affection to the cities that I have learned and experienced the most in. Honestly when I first saw these, I was thinking they were way too awesome to ever send.

But Binth thought of that already and designed a collection of larger ( and different) city prints for framing collecting and loving. Hooray for Binth!


4 thoughts on “post No.54 Binth City Flats

  1. They arrived today and are even more fantastic in person (I didn’t think that was possible!) Thank you so much for making them available to me and getting them here so quickly. It was a delight working with you on this!

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