post No.56 Make My Notebook

I woke up this morning and Joshua says to me “you are going to love the google homepage today”. I am guessing it is the first day of fall or something because there are fall leaves around the search box. He was right, I do love it and all things “autumn” in a huge way. So in keeping with the theme, today I am going to highlight some of my favorite notebooks ever invented. They are called “Make My Notebook” and they are hand silk-screened and assembled using recycled materials out of Colorado. I intentionally coordinate getting these in at urbanic in the fall months of each year because the colors are so deep, rich, and harvest jewel- toned.

The picture above are some of the styles we just got in at the store but there are so many amazing styles and colors available…

So I just checked back onto google to see if my leaves were still there and they suddenly are not. This is strange. So either his page was still open from yesterday, or they were just magically there for me.? *


4 thoughts on “post No.56 Make My Notebook

  1. I love Fall for many reasons but mostly because that’s when I married my soulmate. Those notebooks evoke a feeling of cooler weather, coziness, and love. If only our weather in Louisiana would cooperate (we’re still in the low 90’s!)

  2. I’m thinking they were probably only there on the 22nd – because it is the first day of autumn and the equinox. Fall always makes me think of the movie You’ve Got Mail and the line “bouquets of sharpened pencils”.

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