post No.57 Abbot Kinney Festival 08

This Sunday 9.28 is the Abbot Kinney Festival! It happens once every year in September on our block and it is so much fun! Hundreds of artists, designers, musicians, crafsters and makers of all sorts set up and host this super great block party. When I first moved to CA I completely fell in love with Abbot Kinney Boulevard for its unique and quirky charm. The annual street festival was always my favorite and a huge inspiration. Thanks to the encouragement from Joshua, my sisters and a few close friends I got the courage to set up an urbanic booth 7 years ago. I spent many sleepless nights designing cards to sell. It is so hard to believe that I now have a shop on my favorite block in CA. I am writing this post because it a very special festival to me- as it truly is where I got started. If you live anywhere in this area, you should totally come by on Sunday and hang out. If you want to start your own business or launch your creative endeavor, I encourage you x 8000 to start small somewhere and put your skills on the table! ( literally)

This years festival poster was designed by one of my favorite artists Jay Kelly. He is a Venice local and also a friend of mine. He is the ultimate in sophisticated collage art. To see more of his work click here.


4 thoughts on “post No.57 Abbot Kinney Festival 08

  1. I found out yesterday that the festival was today. I am so upset that I missed another year 😦 Congrats Aud on all your success. You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi!
    First of all, you have a beautiful website!
    I’m a student from germany and I have the assignment to make a folder about an artist of my choice. I chose Jay Kelly and after hours of looking for information in the internet I found your page. As I read that Jay Kelly is a friend of yours I wondered if you probably could help me to find out more about him than what is written on his website. Do you have the Malibu Magazine with the article about him?
    I would be very delighted if you answered me.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Kind regards
    Lena Goermann

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