post No.61 Wood Like

I am excited at the appearance that wood has been making with desk accessories. There is something so warm yet modern about “the wood look” and since I am stuck on this little obsession we have been getting lots of it in at Urbanic.

Above are the 12 different pages on the Night Owl 2009 desk calendar. Each cute page hosts a different month and is made entirely from sustainably harvested birch, walnut and douglas fir.

I love everything about these wood inspired folders from International Arrivals (especially the burst of unexpected color on the insides).

I know, the laptop is crazy. I actually tried to win it in a random drawing at Project Las Vegas, but alas no avail. So instead I have embedded it to my liking here on parcel post.

Cd labels and hanging file folder by International Arrivals. Wood stapler by DCI. Bamboo laptop by Asus


3 thoughts on “post No.61 Wood Like

  1. I love Night Owl’s calendar. I’m from the same town as NO is and I actually went to their shop and they were putting them together while I was there. Makes me appreciate how much work goes into each one!

  2. FYI, we had to bring in an example of design we liked for my illustrator class and I brought in the folder with the floral on it as an example. The teacher said “Yeah, I would buy this”.

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