post No.63 ilee papergoods labels

I am a label lover. My first label maker was life changing. The organization of knowing what is inside of something else is freedom and an alternative to a standard ugly shipping label – luxury! (I know that sounds over the top, but I totally mean it) As far as well designed pre-made labels go, there is a huge shortage in this world, and that is why I was so excited to get this box in at urbanic from ilee papergoods.

They come in these cute tiny square packs of 18. There are so many endless fun things you could do with these little gems. If you have any examples of great projects completed with the help of labels – please send, I would love to post. The girls at Urbanic seem to be as excited about these as I am. The enthusiastic sign they made below is very telling !


7 thoughts on “post No.63 ilee papergoods labels

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  2. I tried the link in your post and it didn’t work. 😦 I want to buy some of their labels, so cute!

    Is there a way to get to ilee papergoods? I love these labels!!!

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