post No.66 Fall Giveaway Winners!

The winners of the parcel post fall giveaway are…

I asked Joshua to randomly pick a number from 1-48 and he chose number 37 ( jill who loves sleeping with the windows open). Then I used a random number generator and it chose number 3 ( Kelly E. who loves the colors of fall).

To all of the rest of you thank you- thank you for your fall favorite contributions! I enjoyed your comments thoroughly, and reading each one as they came in made my days these last 2 weeks

* A

p.s The holiday giveaway is right around the corner!


2 thoughts on “post No.66 Fall Giveaway Winners!

  1. Thank you SO much! I’m still shocked that I won – Yipppeeee!! Thanks for having such a sweet contest – you made my day! ~jill (

  2. Wait, Kelly E? I was like, “wait! That’s Meeeeeeee”!?

    Totally made my day! I’ve never one anything before 🙂

    Do we wait for an email from you to give you info?

    Thanks again so much!

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