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It has been a very difficult last 2 weeks.  I am about to enter into my 3rd week of this computer meltdown situation and nothing seems to be improving.  To recap: my Mac is less than a year old and was diagnosed with “minor software issues”.   After 3 different tech guys spent 37 hours of work, my computer “took a turn for the worse” and is now just a black screen with a circle line through it communicating “no”.  (I found it kind of comical that my laptop is just saying no)   I depend on that little machine for SO much in my everyday life.  All of my work files, communication, proofing, templates, and even this blog.  Joshua has been very sympathetic to my frustrations and a very good share-er of his computer,  but the thing that made my week brighter and helped me stay encouraged were these…

He made me a series of 7 flashcards in a little brown envelope as a reminder of some of the positive ways that he sees me.  On the backs of each are definitions of why and an area where he sited examples of specific events.

These have been so uplifting to me in such a down-and-out couple weeks, and a daily resource for cheering up.   Also on a positive note, since I have been without a computer I have cleaned out my desk, edited my closet, re-arranged the back room at the store, and re-vamped my file cabinets.

If you have emailed me in the last few weeks and I still have not gotten back to you – thanks for understanding and know that I will asap.




8 thoughts on “post No.72 ø

  1. I completely feel you, when I read your computer story everything crumbles inside of me just by imagining what would I do if that happens to me. I do have to say that you are very lucky for having someone in your life that makes those flash cards for you!, I agree with Amy great and adorable idea!!… Hope your computer comes back to life soon!

  2. Audrey that is terrible! I was actually going to email you today but Im glad i read this first. I feel for you, I didnt have a computer for 3 months and it was so frustrating but I feel like I actually got a lot of things done. I went into urbanic today but missed you. Please give me a call when you have the time i’d love to talk to you: 562 310 7604

    good luck with your computer!

  3. i’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks as well due to personal stuff not computer glitches and its amazing how cyber time flies. oh, how i feel your pain though. major mac crash last winter that sent me to the edge. many many hours at the apple store deliriously talking between tears and laughter. i actually punched my laptop in the end. yes, punched it. felt good but didn’t help the existing damage. so sorry to hear of your woes. i too was able to clean closets and even paint a bathroom — nourishing in its own way. that guy of yours is awful sweet. focus on the good and breathe.

  4. haha guess what?
    yesterday my laptop’s hard drive crashed.

    the Genius Bar’s comforting words were:
    “miss, i think it’s time for you to think about getting a new computer.”

    so, i feel your (recent) pain…. 😦

    the good news is…i will have a new laptop soon! to replace my 7 year old one.
    guess that’s what they mean by 7 year bitch…

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