post No. 76 Screech Owl Design

I recently got an email from Screech Owl Design, highlighting their line of hand drawn note cards, post cards and stationery box sets.  I found these two designs below so refreshing and creative.


above:  “autumn table”.  (what’s not to love about acorns, sparrows, a mixer and a cupcake all on one piece of paper?!)





above: “Aquarius”, “It’s tea time wren” and “virgo”


2 thoughts on “post No. 76 Screech Owl Design

  1. hi, my name is Iran pontes, im brazilian and i have 17 years ols. I´m in graphic computation school and i found your blog on the “serch” YOUR WORK IS REALLY GOOD! i would like to ask you a favor: if you would put my link on your blog and i would do the same for you…
    thank you anyway.
    ill wait for a anwser

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