post No.77 New Orla Kiely

We got a shipment of new Orla Kiley at Urbanic yesterday and we were literally cheering when our UPS guy walked in.  Unless he stumbles upon this post online, he will probably never know why.


These new cloth covered hard-bound notebooks are amazing.  Definitely something you want to see in real life.  All of the pages have a painted edging making them even more special.


Above are 2 of my all time faves. I think the tree thank you cards are only available at Anthropologie, but the cross hatch composition notebook is my desks’ trusty little companion.

ok-new-notebook1      ok-new-notebook21

ok-new-notebook4       ok-new-notebook3

Above are the four new designs for the A6 band enclosure notebooks. Each one contains blank, ruled, graphed and perforated pages. How is that for sassy?


3 thoughts on “post No.77 New Orla Kiely

  1. Love them all! The colors in the new banded notebook [upper left] are the color palette I want in our master bedroom. If I can’t find it locally, I’ll definitely place another order from you. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. yeah- the fabric journals are definitely something you want to see in person. The branch motif is embossed into the cover and the pages are so pretty and I want all of them!

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