post No.83 Moleskine Project

I originally sat down to write a post and let you know how excited I was that Moleskine finally came out with a color collection of notebooks called “Volant” that we just got in at Urbanic.  In case you are unfamiliar they have only ever come in black, so this is big news.


In the process of gathering photos I discovered the coolest thing on their website!  There is a page for people to share online what the inner workings of their moleskines look like. This is highly fascinating to me since I often wonder about this when I sell them.  (people are addicted to them!)  This is also neat because it is global project, and the creative submissions are from people in different countries.   Below are a few of my favorites but you can click here to see more.




The owners of the moleskines above in descending order are  Mark Joyce from Dublin Ireland, Zonia  Szostkiewicz from Krakow Poland and Paolola Zampa from Roma Italy.


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