post No.85 Desksets by Elum

I have never had a fancy desk set of stationery. We got these Elum box sets in at Urbanic and they are by far the fanciest most special box sets I have ever seen. The only thing that could top it is if you opened it and magic came out in sparkles. As if the cute trim on the outside of the box wasn’t perfect enough, the set comes with writing papers, various letterpressed cards, gift enclosures (and lots of other little paper bells and whistles).

The white envelopes with brown trim pictured in the box above was the inspiration for the contact page of the urbanic website. I feel like if I could have my own signature envelope to use till the end of time this would be the one. Someone at the store the other day said to me, “these would be such a great wedding gift!”

I said I agreed, but deep inside I was thinking more along the lines of “self gift”.


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