post No.89 Thankfulness

e1227692951* my precious little son and amazing devoted husband * our two stores * my loving parents * my loyal, supportive and beautiful sisters * lisa doing so much for us always and creating fun family times for us in ca. * our amazing hardworking employees * meeka * good health * God’s unconditional love and eternal forgivness *  health insurance * the zappins and the oatleys * living by the beach * getting to go back east coast often * parcelpost and the friends I have made here * yuko for free again *  abbot kinney merchants on our end of the block * our car still working * this little cottage we live in squished and happy * sundays with mark and erin * my laptop * boardgame night with ryan and paul * getting to be around so much inspired design everyday * my favorite grey blanket * morning bike rides to the park * old friends i will be connected with forever even if we haven’t talked in a while * my little nephews Ethan and Emmett who I can’t wait to see at Christmas * for you ! – the readers of my blog, for keeping this portion of my life so fun and interesting * all of our great, loyal, fun to be around customers at the store. – we are so thankful for your support and also the excitement and good energy you bring into our lives everyday. *

feeling it.


thankful card by birdogpress


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