Post No.92 Calendar Contest Winners

And now for the winners of of the Snow and Graham Calendar Giveaway.  Your comments were so thoughtful and detailed- thank you for that.  I sincerely wish I had 62 calendars to give out today.  This definitely motivates me to keep doing these contests so there are more chances to win.

Here are the 6 winning numbers that the random number picker chose…

197351551_d4a5213ee1_m No. 57  Kelsie who received a book of special notes to uplift her during hard times and has since then continued this beautiful tradition for her son.

329371420_c575f85760_m1 No.5  Jennifer who received her first sewing machine when she was 9 is still using the same machine at 23!

415871527_7df68066c7_m No.16  Rebekah who was delighted the year when mom came home for Christmas morning- and received a Cabbage Patch car seat holder the same day!


2054714478_cd542d4491_m No.4 Dana received a puppy who is now her best friend.

2316176469_b837945073_m No.51 Monica’s whose brother saved up his allowence to get her a “She-ra castle when they were kids. They loved playing He-man action figures together.

2798019516_46830732d4_m No.34  Kim who was given surfing lessons from her mom to keep her going during difficult times in her health.


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