post No.97 The Holiday Party

The urbanic holiday party was so much fun this year!



The turnout was great and everyone definitely brought some holiday cheer.


The surprise package giveaways were a hit.  Tess had the idea to put a reindeer name on each bag and let people pick there chances from a bowl.  It was awesome to hear someone shouting with joy from all the way in the back yard!



The fancy treats were delicious. My friend Erin who is a gourmet baketress, made truffels, biscotti,  and chocolate dipped pretzel rods topped with either chocolate chips, candy cane or nuts. (soooo good) and cookies!  We also had a “candy bar” so people could scoop up their favorites and make a take- home bag of goodies


My definite favorite part of the night was – The Project Social- table.  The project this time was to design a gift tag . The table was packed with people all night long.  It always makes me so happy when people get so into it.  I loved the tags Laure designed for her home-made gifts this year ( above )


There was so many great tags-  it was like an explosion of creativity out there.  Anyway, the whole night was what I would consider a  perfect evening.  I even found a Christmas tree star for my brown and white tree!


3 thoughts on “post No.97 The Holiday Party

  1. That was fun! People started getting kind of competitive about who would win the gift bags- one girl made her gift-bag-winner boyfriend give it to her!

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