post No.100 The Conversation Tin

Hooray! It is post No.100 time.  I knew I needed to do something really special for this one, so this morning i am introducing you to The Conversation Tin!

The concept came from a road trip my sister took with her boyfriend across the country. They barely knew each other at that time, so before they left, they made a big coffee tin and asked their friends and random people to drop secret questions and conversation topics into it.  During the course of their trip they would take turns picking out of the tin and discussing.


I felt this was a genius idea, and am so excited to announce that “The Conversation Tin” will be incorporated into a new regular feature here on Parcel Post.  I have been interviewing folks in the design world who I find fascinating (and think you will too).  They are picking questions out of the tin and will answer them on their post here.  Stay tuned for all of this coming in the new year.  In the meantime submit your conversation questions and topics by clicking the card below.


Here are a few samples submissions:   •  “what was your first music purchase?” •coffee preferences?” •  “unique childhood event” •    Feel free to drop in whatever you like and these will be added to the master tin!


As of today, you can buy your own Conversation Tin!  My sister just launched Snow Day (her etsy store).  This is a totally great gift for anyone and definitely a fun coffee table accessory for hosting during the holiday season.

click here to see the different styles


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