post No.112 Brides Magazine

I recently had a blast hanging out with Heather Lee at the shop when she was in town visiting from NYC. Heather is one of the editors over at Brides magazine and she interviewed me about the latest in wedding invitation trends.  I loved how the article came out and realized what a great bridal resource this magazine is.  There are local issues for 17 different cities.





post No.112 Retro Tulips

We just got in this cute retro tulip collection of office accessories at Urbanic.  The print by Lorena Siminovich for Gallison is said to be reminiscent of 50’s kitchens and comfort food but what I see is a Marcia Brady party dress.


sticky notes


mouse pad


file folders

post No.112

I love this photo that I found on the Apiary website.  It definitely puts me in the mood to send good mail.

p.s A note on the Giveaway ( post No.111).  I have had a few people write and ask me if it is okay to comment for a chance to win even if they don’t live in L.A.   The answer is :  Oh my goodness YES !  These are such great prizes and the giveaway is for everyone!

post No.111 * a Giveaway from L.A ! *

Los Angeles is buzzing with local talent and I am regularly inspired by so many of the designers that I am privileged to meet.  It’s always great to hear stories of how they got started and pursued their creative endeavors.  Recently, a few of these designers offered to donate prizes to Parcel Post, so I decided to have an inspirational giveaway.

To win all you need to do is leave a comment to this post about a project you have worked on in the past or a project you hope to accomplish in the new year. It can be ANY kind of project.  Feel free to add links.

Guidelines: You have until February 4th 2008 to post a comment. The winners will be randomly chosen on February 5th and announced here on Parcel Post – so check back to see if you have won.

This time there will be  * 7 WINNERS * If you win you will receive one of the following….


Prize No.1 Botanical Index is Jenny Lee.  She donated 2 box sets of assorted greeting cards letterpressed with modern & vintage inspired details.  “I have always loved stationery and creating special packages to mail out to friends for birthdays, holidays, or just because.  Botanical Index began a couple years ago, inspired by this love for letter-writing and “old-fashioned” correspondence, and has continued to be a way to create special cards and stationery for friends and clients alike.

Prize No. 2 Paperwink is Tara Bokman and Darcey Shanahan.  They donated a set of custom personal stationery which will be made especially for the winner.  After working together at Knock Knock they decided to branch out and start their own company. “We find inspiration in found objects and many of our designs show our unique style of mixing vintage elements with a modern flair.  Our stationery works together as a system, which includes notecards, address labels and calling cards.”

Prize No.3 Copper Willow is Jill Velez and Leora Mauck.  They donated 3 box sets from their new luxury line – Prestige.  The boxes feature 8 asst. shaped cards with navy ink & envelopes with matching labels for addressing on the front.  They met each other through their husbands (who were best friends in college).  We both wanted to run our own business so that we could stay home with our children as they grow up.  The business started out of the home and with our families in mind, we made the environment and health safety our priorities.  All artwork and calligraphy is original and everything is pressed by hand with soy ink.  We use only vegetable oils and solvents and all of our papers are tree-free, recycled or made from re-purposed clothing.  Now having children, we are thrilled to be doing something we both love and caring for our families at the same time.

Prize No.4  Lilikoi is Andria Ledon. I met her while she was shopping at Urbanic. She is a graphic designer currently working on designing her own wedding invitations. “My calendar is my most recent and favorite project.  I have a Chandler & Price 8×12 letterpress that is 120 years old and is manually operated. The calendar is printed on 100% cotton paper and is 1 of 100.  I am a graphic designer and letterpress printer and have recently started my own business. Since spending several years at a boutique ad agency and doing freelance graphic design since college and now on my own, I’m really enjoying my work.”

* On a side note, so you know, I adore your comments.  Thanks for always getting so into it. If you haven’t read any from the  last few give-aways click here and here *

post No.110 Mateo Ilasco

My desk is a mess today.

I am supposed to be getting it organized right now, but instead I am writing this post about it.  Regardless, I grabbed some of these  Mateo Ilasco action organizing clips from the store in efforts to make things look tidy.



I was just on her site and discovered some of her other amazing collections.  I seriously love her style and am so excited to order more for Urbanic.


Above is one of my favorites. The Boheme stationery set, hand screen printed with three illustrations: rattan, macrame, and vessels.

post No.107 Stationery vs. Stationary

Once upon a time, I was a person who spelled the word stationery incorrectly  (as most people do)  with an “ary” rather than “ery”.  Ever since my discovery it has become very bothersome to me when people spell it wrong.  I wouldn’t go so far to say it was a pet peeve, but still.  The other day Tess, (who works at Urbanic and happened to be a Sherman Oaks Elementary School spelling bee champion)  did the unthinkable. I sent her an email with this card from La Familia Green hoping to help her out with this.  Feel free to pass it along.



P.S  To make sure we are all clear, this post should not imply that I am in any way shape or form a good speller.  Just stating the facts.

post No.106 I ♥ Los Angeles Magazine

They recently featured Urbanic as “City’s Best” for stationery.


This is our second write up by them and this time they included this big, fabulous, glossy shot of the store.


Not sure why they used my maiden name, but I love what they wrote (especially the part about our shop making you want to be polite)


Thank You LA Mag!

post No.105 Rolodex Best

A good rolodex address file is really hard to find.  I love having the hands on option to use as an alternative to digital and it is a great place to stash business cards as they come in.  I have compiled a list below of some of the best ones i have discovered.












I have truly saved the best for last. I got this found paper address file from Lovely Design several years ago.  These days they are pretty hard to come by since she semi- stopped making them.


Flipping through the variety of little mis-matched colorful cards simply makes me happy.


pictured above :  seejanework , regional assembly of text, pica press, russel and hazel, lovely design

post No.104 Every year

I send out New Years cards instead of Christmas cards. This is a gift I give to myself during the busy holiday season at the store. It gets crazy handling everyone else’s holiday cards- So it buys me extra time to actually enjoy writing people little notes on the back and to be thoughtful about the whole process.  Anyway I loved how our cards came out this year and I am vowing to myself to finish them today!



The best parts are are the little details.  BT elements makes these fun custom envelope liners and I am equally as fond of our return address labels.   My friend Paul Esposito is an AMAZING photographer.  He took this shot of us in a building that got completely torn down the next day. We didn’t know at the time we were the last people to occupy it which makes the whole thing even better. ..


post No.103 twothousand&nine time


Is it just me or does It really feel like a very new year for the first time in a long time?   I am excited for what 2009 will bring, and anxious to cross things off my list of goals for this year.  I bought a basic (and un-attractive) 12 page planner yesterday that I am inserting my monthly aspirations in.  This is the first time I have tried out this format.  I like it so far because it makes me feel like i can grasp the whole year on just a few pages and conquer the biggest projects in a short amount of time.   Suddenly the 365 days seem a lot less intimidating.


2009 Go!

happy new year card: orange beautiful calendar tags:  elle’s sudio