post No.111 * a Giveaway from L.A ! *

Los Angeles is buzzing with local talent and I am regularly inspired by so many of the designers that I am privileged to meet.  It’s always great to hear stories of how they got started and pursued their creative endeavors.  Recently, a few of these designers offered to donate prizes to Parcel Post, so I decided to have an inspirational giveaway.

To win all you need to do is leave a comment to this post about a project you have worked on in the past or a project you hope to accomplish in the new year. It can be ANY kind of project.  Feel free to add links.

Guidelines: You have until February 4th 2008 to post a comment. The winners will be randomly chosen on February 5th and announced here on Parcel Post – so check back to see if you have won.

This time there will be  * 7 WINNERS * If you win you will receive one of the following….


Prize No.1 Botanical Index is Jenny Lee.  She donated 2 box sets of assorted greeting cards letterpressed with modern & vintage inspired details.  “I have always loved stationery and creating special packages to mail out to friends for birthdays, holidays, or just because.  Botanical Index began a couple years ago, inspired by this love for letter-writing and “old-fashioned” correspondence, and has continued to be a way to create special cards and stationery for friends and clients alike.

Prize No. 2 Paperwink is Tara Bokman and Darcey Shanahan.  They donated a set of custom personal stationery which will be made especially for the winner.  After working together at Knock Knock they decided to branch out and start their own company. “We find inspiration in found objects and many of our designs show our unique style of mixing vintage elements with a modern flair.  Our stationery works together as a system, which includes notecards, address labels and calling cards.”

Prize No.3 Copper Willow is Jill Velez and Leora Mauck.  They donated 3 box sets from their new luxury line – Prestige.  The boxes feature 8 asst. shaped cards with navy ink & envelopes with matching labels for addressing on the front.  They met each other through their husbands (who were best friends in college).  We both wanted to run our own business so that we could stay home with our children as they grow up.  The business started out of the home and with our families in mind, we made the environment and health safety our priorities.  All artwork and calligraphy is original and everything is pressed by hand with soy ink.  We use only vegetable oils and solvents and all of our papers are tree-free, recycled or made from re-purposed clothing.  Now having children, we are thrilled to be doing something we both love and caring for our families at the same time.

Prize No.4  Lilikoi is Andria Ledon. I met her while she was shopping at Urbanic. She is a graphic designer currently working on designing her own wedding invitations. “My calendar is my most recent and favorite project.  I have a Chandler & Price 8×12 letterpress that is 120 years old and is manually operated. The calendar is printed on 100% cotton paper and is 1 of 100.  I am a graphic designer and letterpress printer and have recently started my own business. Since spending several years at a boutique ad agency and doing freelance graphic design since college and now on my own, I’m really enjoying my work.”

* On a side note, so you know, I adore your comments.  Thanks for always getting so into it. If you haven’t read any from the  last few give-aways click here and here *


57 thoughts on “post No.111 * a Giveaway from L.A ! *

  1. Happy happy! I always have so many projects … one upcoming one I’m very excited about (because it’s an idea I had all by myself! rather than just copying what other people have done or following a pattern) is a standard casebound (hardback) book, bound in royal blue, with a label Simplesong made embedded in the cover. Should look great!

  2. This past Christmas, I made my mother, mother-in-law, and stepmother personalized sets of stationary reflecting each of their personal styles. My mom is very earth-goddess, so I made her set on recycled kraft paper with her initials in chocolate ink. My stepmom is very classic and traditional, so I did hers on ivory handmade paper with a floral motif. And, for my busy mother-in-law working in Ohio, I placed her monogram on small, professional folded notecards. They all felt so special- and I had so much fun!

  3. those prizes are all so gorgeous!

    this year, in addition to finishing all the random, halfway done projects around the apartment, i am teaching myself to crochet tiny, lacey things. we’ll see where it leads, but so far so good!

  4. All of those prizes are adorable!

    Last year with the economy being the way it is, I resorted to hand-making all of my Christmas presents. In the end, I don’t know how much money I actually saved because of all of my trips to the craft store and the bead stores with all of the beads that i just had to have…but the money and time spent on personalizing the gifts was totally worth it!

    For my aunts, I made them each a pair of earrings with the most gorgeous beads ever! I then cut pieces of thick watercolor paper and tore the edges to give it more of a handmade feel and used my bronze wax and monogram wax sealer to add my personal touch. So cute!

    For my friends, I bought blank canvas bags for $1 each and hand-painted a design on each of them, with each design corresponding to the personalities of each of my friends. I stuffed each bag with some homemade brownies and bath stuff…for a night of relaxation.

    For my grandmas and all the older women in my life, I bought 10 pillar candles from IKEA and embellished them by taking long strands of wire and putting beads on them to make some kind of design and then I wrapped the strands around the candle…I took into special consideration the colors in each of their homes, and tried to make each candle match their decor.

    Handmaking all my gifts last year was so rewarding and something I’m going to try to do on a yearly basis!

    Here’s to winning!

  5. I will be done with school in a couple of months and I can’t wait to have free time again. I decided to get rid of the ugly Ikea desk I bought years ago and find an old desk to repaint and put some pretty knobs on. Once that is done, it will be the perfect place to put my sewing machine and start making some fun summer dresses.

  6. Hi!

    The prizes are awesome! This is my project which I started last year.

    I discovered how to make Japanese washi eggs and thought that I could make a whole collection of eggs, using colourful Japanese and Chinese New Year paper. My idea was, when Chinese New Year rolled around, I would string them up with bead caps and hang them off the skinny branches of an old tree that sits in the entrance of my parents’ house.

    Japanese washi eggs are basically blown-out eggshells, that have been decoupaged with fancy paper. The effect of hanging hundreds of these varied colourful eggs off the branches would be a knock out sight! I’ve just finished glazing one tray of eggs and they have beautiful patterns- peonies, parrots, paisley, fish, you name it!

    This is a picture of what a washi egg/eggs look like and how to make them –

  7. Great giveaway 🙂

    In the next year, I plan on executing a few more of my ideas for wedding invitations and stationary and starting an etsy store. I’m going to set myself free from my boring corporate design job!

  8. I made my first felt project, stocking, for my mom before Christmas. We celebrate St.Nicholas day here in Slovakia on the 6th and usually stuff boots or stockings with candy and little presents. I made one from white felt with ribbon flowers and buttons:)))

  9. My sister and I have started a company selling organic onesies with felted wool animal designs, hand cut and hand sewn. We hope to attend trade shows in the near future and sell to local shops. Please check us out at!

  10. I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to get back into painting. I’m pregnant and due in March so being on maternity leave will give me some time during naps and such to hopefully create a masterpiece or two. I can’t wait to get my hands on fresh blank canvas!

  11. well, I recently acquired a pack of flat, rectangular sponges that expand in water for adults to use for cleaning. I kept them flat and drew a character from Star Wars on each one with a permanent marker and cut them out around the edges. I then re-packaged them all “cool-kid”-like and gave them to my nephew for his birthday so he could play with them in the bathtub.

  12. I am working on a letter press Valentine’s card to send to all of my family and friends. On one side is a poem by my favorite poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, titled, Heartbeat. I layed out the type in Illustrator and had a magnesium plate made, as that is a lot of type to set, and I only have use of the press room for 3 hours a week! On the other side, I am working on a reductive multi-color linoleum print of a bunch of beets, with a heart carved in the middle beet. Get it, “Heart-beet.” I confess it’s a bit cheesy, but I am obsessed with beets, anatomical hearts, and letter press, so all 3 were the perfect combination for me.

  13. I Love all things letterpress!! That being said, my next project is to begin letterpressing. I’m planning on pressing stationery, holiday cards, and invitations for friends and family to start. I’m in the market for a good tabletop platen press and have been searching high and low. To no avail, I can’t seem to find one in my area…Never-the-less, I’m not giving up. I’ve been blogging for ideas and I just love seeing what the pro’s are coming out with. Although, I’m envious, all of the above prizes look fabulous. Thanks for posting!

  14. My son has these cute monster drawings and my husband and I made them into decals and are ironing them on shirts and onesies then sewing onto the top of the decal. We’re selling them!

  15. I got my very talented cousin to come up w/an awesome logo and mascot for my son’s elementary school. The Board is voting on it tomorrow and I expect it will get accepted.

    I really appreciated her help as I do not really have a creative bone in my body.

  16. I am pressing into picture frames, vintage, tattered Barbie doll clothes from the 70’s. The bright, shiney and sometimes faded colors of the fabrics and the frozen image of the “damaged article” make an erie, yet playful image.

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  18. My projects, gosh where to start! One project that I am proud of is completing the yearbook/directory for a local club I am part of. I just got a new Mac computer this summer and this project put my learning skills to the test. The book turned out really nice, at least that is what everyone told me! I also put together monthly newsletters for my club so I am always looking for new ways to put these together so the recipients actually read them! Right now I am looking into creative ways to mail the newsletters with cute return address labels and such.
    Another project that has been on my back burner for years is breaking out my sewing machine! A few years ago I bought myself a sewing machine with lofty ambitions to make all sorts of things. Needless to say it is still sitting in the box in my closet and the pile of projects I want to make is growing. I just need an extra little push to get the projects going.
    Your giveaways are beautiful, so excited!!!! Thanks!

  19. My project this year is to learn how to sew. My aunt gave me her old sewing machine, I’ve bought fabric and now I’m just looking for the manual online so I can get cracking!

  20. oh, boy…projects – part of my new year’s resolution is to really work and focus on projects. One is to get my tabletop press up and running as well as to learn more about letterpress so I can really start creating cards and the sort. The second is to learn silkscreening (I was given a kit during the holiday) so I can create some gifts for people throughout the year.

    thanks for this giveaway – just by writing these projects down has reinforeced me to really get started on them!

  21. Project: Baby Bunny and Blanket. Like, every single one of my friends is married and pregnant this year – so to celebrate, and save some money at showers, I’m knitting them all these super adorable bunny toys (from Noble Knits), as well as cuddly snuggly baby blankets.

    At $40 a pop for the yarn, I figure my sweat equity makes up for the the rest of the cost, and although they don’t get anything off the registry – they do get two items created with love, by me!

  22. my 09 resolution is to create as many art works as possible. but the biggest i would like to do is re-pimp my 1970’s schwinn road bike. Right now it’s gotta a nice blue frame. i really would like to polish up the tires frame, leather seat it up. and make it Bling, if ya know whaa i mean~

  23. for the last year I’ve been working on my closest friend from childhood’s wedding scrapbook. it’s been a long process (100’s of pictures to go through) but it’s been worth it, the tough part is I want it to be AMAZING…

  24. Last year I had a great time taking a letterpress class at Otis. I have always loved paper and cards, so taking this class was a real treat. I made a bunch of personalized cards for fun and for business. This year, I’d like to try to take their digital letterpress class and make some unique thank you cards.

  25. Oh ME ME!! I want (aka need) those prizes! Well I guess, who doesn’t want and need all of that gorgeous deliciousness in their lives? My project for the year, after getting “motivated” by losing my job, is to get back in touch with my craft and art roots that have been lying dormant for too long now. Time to blow off the dust off of those art supplies!

  26. My project in the next few months is to turn a drab brown and green loft space into a bright, cheery office and art room. (Where I can then have a space to finish all those other projects!)

  27. What great prizes! This year I am going to finish all of the projects I started last year. I’m also hoping to complete a letterpress family tree and set of notecards.

  28. Oh my goodness, I always have a project (or several) scattered around the house! I have been working on a new line of “Sweetheart” necklaces, trying to keep up with my collage diary (I’m a couple of weeks behind). I want to learn calligraphy and hand-printing textiles so those are the big future projects.

  29. Cool prizes! Last semester I had a project to work on a Starbucks product. I had to design a logo for it, a poster, a brochure and many promotional pieces, that project was so much fun. I am looking forward to working on many more projects this semester.

  30. My goal this year is to take either a letterpress or calligraphy class. I love all things font-related, and could spend days…months…just looking at inspirations. I’m getting married this year, so it’s added incentive for me to put my money where my mouth is and start a project. I plan to start small, but also have a feeling I will be up all night before my wedding stamping favor bags or something similar.

  31. I always love your stuff Urbanic! My favorite was the dog paper and the space invader paper. 🙂

    Since October, my man and I have been working on a site called It’s a random little site where I get to illustrate and where my friends lay out their witty comments. My goal this year, is to continue progressing the site and getting better at my illustration skills.

    BTW, if you ever want to sponsor some wallpaper/paper for the backgrounds I would LOVE to!! 🙂

    Venice, CA

  32. I would love to enter your contest. 🙂 One of my goals for 2009 is to send more mail, and I could still use a calendar for my desk at work, so any of the prizes would be very exciting to end up with!

    My roommate and I make our own holiday cards at least once a year, which involves coming up with a concept, drawing it out by hand, and printing them using our Print Gocco kit. We managed to squeeze out Christmas/New Year’s cards at the last minute in 2008, and one of my goals for this year is to make and send cards for at least one other holiday (i.e., not just the “big one” at Christmas/New Year’s) during 2009. In past years we’ve done cards for unorthodox card-giving events like Arbor Day and Bastille Day. It’s getting to be time to decide what occasion(s) to celebrate with homemade cards this year!

  33. My biggest project right now that I am working on is my wedding. But smaller than that I guess I just finished my invitations (designed myself!) and am hoping to finish my degree this april as well 🙂

  34. um, i am trying to get back into the swing of painting. it has been over 10 years. i finished a small painting for my grandma’s 90th birthday, and am now working on a larger painting. gulp. i hope to have it finished within 3 months or less.

  35. So my current project is to hand write letters to all my friends. So often we just send mass emails to each other and I want for each of them to get an individual little card in the mail with stamps and all that wonderful-ness. I know I get super excited when I get mail that isn’t some sort of junk or bill.

    That and, selfishly, I want people to write me letters and send them back to me.

  36. I have boxes of “stuff” that moved with me to my apartment-of-three-years. No clue what’s in them..they just sit in the back of my huge walk-in closet.

    My project is to bring order to that closet…so that I don’t feel closed-in like I do now. I dislike being in there, but if it was a pretty, well-organized closet…….well, then, I’d set up camp in there and read and talk on the phone! (ummm..need I mention I live alone so there’s no need to hide from anyone/anything for privacy?!)

  37. I use the beautiful wrapping paper at Urbanic for my bulletin boards at school, and need to finish those so I’m not so embarassed when parents come into my office!

  38. I have a million and one projects but I have been trying to come up with a creative way to use up the rest of my wedding save-the-dates. I had these awesome letterpress Palm Springs postcards designed by Peculiar Pair Press and we have SO many of them. The only thing I can think of is turning them into coasters. Any ideas?

  39. As a graphic designer and hopeless paper-phile I collect out of date swatch books to cut up and re-purpose as hand-made cards for birthdays. My son helps. He’s three. I’d like to get my box o’ cards bigger than the box o’ cool paper.

  40. I just finished a painting for my husband inspired by Matthew Heller’s “Homage to Music” ( I used the lyrics to Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Aeroplane Over the Sea” and am really pleased with how it turned out.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Love your blog.

  41. I’m getting married in November and hope to combine a bit of DIY with a few purchases I’ve found on ETSY and your blog. I’m not very talented when it comes to crafts, so I’m hoping I can get a bit of help from some of my creative friends!

  42. It took me about 3 years of living in my apartment to get frames on the walls and now (6 months later) the frames are still empty! It’s pretty ridiculous. The ones in our bedroom have the photos that come in the frame still in them, and my husband has started calling them our “fake family.”

  43. To save this holiday season, I too made a lot of gifts. For my family I designed a “Family Birthday Calendar” with a colorful design and calendar showing all of our birthdays. I had it printed on fabric and sewed the edges…it ended up like a teatowel…or some have hung with bulldog clips. It was a personal gift-but very inexpensive!

  44. OK, this may prove to be too ambitious but what I would like to do this year is:

    1) complete my second album of original songs

    2) just for fun, compose some music inspired by Czeslaw Milosz poetry and hopefully coax it into a song cycle.

    Thanks for the motivation and encouragement Audrey!
    Urbanic has the most creative customers around!

  45. My project is to grow a vegetable garden… All out of containers, since we live in an apartment. We have 2 Balconies, with good light, and I think that I can push past my brown thumb and get some good things growing.

    That and finish all of the Thank You cards from our wedding!

  46. A project that was near and dear to my heart is one that involved our family and friends. Last year, we had come together to create handmade holiday greeting cards for children with cancer (The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation). We also had our own children make these cards and write words of encouragement as well as holiday wishes for these children and their families battling cancer. I enjoyed the project thoroughly, seeing everyone use their creativity with purpose and teaching our children the true meaning of the holiday season – giving to and helping others from the heart.

  47. I have been very busy working on some bachelorette party invitations. Because I know some people would not be able to come I wanted each separate event to have its own card. There are four post cards and on the back is an image cut out from paper. The four images are: an outline of a girl, a high heeled pump, a pool and umbrella, and a champagne glass. After all the images were affected to the back of the post card I put glitter details on them such as on the girl, i gave her glitter blue underwear. The party is in vegas so using illustrator I made address labels to look like the “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign. There are 13 sets in all and it has taken me about 3 weeks to finish but I think everyone will be very excited about the party when they get them in the mail. Thanks for always having such great giveaways Audrey!

  48. it has been said about me many times (mostly from my mom) that i always have at least 10 projects going on at one time. so here’s my current list just to prove her right:

    1. published journal – i’m making a fat little book with my writings, thoughts, scribbles, snapshots and more. current stage: typing my poems off napkins and receipts

    2. wall colors – i’m picking out wall colors for the new house. current selections: tangerine for the bathroom and plum in the bedroom… though i’ll probably change my mind (again.)

    3. bff’s wedding – i will be a bridesmaid for the first time in my best friend’s wedding. this involves too many projects to list but i’m sure you know the drill. current stage: getting her to settle on invites. (she needs Urbanic!)

    4. new logo – a wonderful landscaping company is updating their logo… i love branding! current phase: late night brainstorming

    5. art teacher to europe – mr. grills was my art teacher in high school and his current students are raising money to send him to europe for the first time. i’m coming up with a t-shirt design to help. current design ideas: mr. grills as munch’s the scream.

    okay… so it isn’t exactly 10 but i’m already half way there!
    thanks for making this blog. it is so much fun to see what everyone is up to these days. happy creating!

  49. This month I would like to finally put my home recording space together for my voiceover work, learn Pro Tools ( not such the tech savvy gal, so this will be quite an accomplishment!) and to decorate my office with photos I’ve taken on my travels.–next stop? Puerto Rico!

    As for my home, I’m on the way to renovate what needs to be renovated…next on the list for spring is a painting party with friends. Swatches of wall colours blanket my walls in all rooms at the moment. Then it’s refinishing the floors. And on to the backyard to really give life to a mango tree my auntie gave me along with the other flowers, plants, fruit trees that are growing too! My boyfriend, Michael is also growing Olive trees, so hopefully we will have olive oil to share with everybody soon. =)

    Hope to have a warm, cozy and inviting space by the summer to launch off a fun social atmosphere for our friends, family and our doggie, Moose, and parrot, Ra.

    Throughout the year, I would also like to create my own necklace, a simple knitting project perhaps create something for my niece, Kennady, and complete a set of handmade Thank You cards to have at the ready!

    Thank you, Audrey for this blog, truly inspiring! (btw, my girlfriend LOVED the gift wrap paper Celia used for her birthday pressie! We are so fortunate to have such a fabulous paper boutique on the Westside!)

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