Post No.114 Mor Soaps & Balms

These Mor emporium soaps are some of my favorites luxuries of all times. They smell amazing.  Literally whenever they come in and we are taking them out of the box people say “What smells so good in here?”.  On top of that, there is the unbelievable packaging which speaks for itself.   Some of my favorites include the Italian Blood Orange, Cucumber and Casabe (not pictured) and Kale and Watercress (also not pictured).
mor-soaps The latest news is, that in addition to these little sud beauties we just got in the “lip delight collection”.  I am totally feeling these Bolllywood colors and they so fun to have around for Valentines Day.



above flavors: passionflower, cassis noir, sorbet, green tea, apples, and rosebud


3 thoughts on “Post No.114 Mor Soaps & Balms

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