post No.117 Saturday Morning Party

Over the weekend for First Friday we hosted our “Saturday Morning” party. There is a little cafe in Venice called Flake that specializes in having like every different kind of cereal ever invented.  Joshua and I love it because every now and then we just need some Golden Grahams, but don’t necessarily need to own the box.  Anyway, Flake catered the party with cereal, OJ, coffee and toppings.  We had 2 Atari stations set up with about 100 different game options and a big screen playing childhood favorites like Fat Albert, GI.Joe and Mighty Mouse.  We were so excited for this party and from what we hear everyone else was too.  Then we had a problem.

IT POURED.    ( all day )

To any of you that have been to one of our events in the past, we host the party in the back yard so lots of people can hang out, so this was not good.  Also, rain in L.A is equivalent to a snow day – so no one goes out.  For plan B,  we attacked the bridal lounge and moved everything inside.  Some folks showed up and I have to say in the end it was really pretty cool.  It felt more like we were hanging out in my living room with a bunch of friends then a full blown event.


Also hugely fun for me was that Rachelle and Emily from Wiley Valentine showed up with their husbands to hang out.  I adore these girls and really only get to see them in NYC at the stationery show so this was a real treat.  If you haven’t checked out their blog yet, click here. It is full of great stuff!

They put up a little post about the party as well right here.


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