post No118. Valentine Favorites

Every year, right about now, Joshua says to me “…so what do you want to do for valentines?”  I always answer him the same way and say ” I am not sure if I have a valentine yet”.  He knows the deal. It is a tradition I reserve and look forward to every year.  Even though we have been married for almost 10 years (I can’t believe this by the way) I still like to be officially asked If I will be his valentine.  He always pulls through in some cute way.


Yesterday it became a deal.  I found this card on my desk requesting that I be his valentine. This got me going and I wanted to post some of my valentines favorites.  ( above card by ghost academy )


I found this little valentine parcel on oh happy day


We hung these little tags by every jot and tittle all around Urbanic !


Super cute letterpress from  enormous champion


Letterpress window cards eggpress


This library valentine by simple song is so original.  Check out her amazing blog here.


One thought on “post No118. Valentine Favorites

  1. I love your blog! You have some great ideas, design and I adore mail =)

    I think it’s really sweet that your hubby still asks you if you will be his Valentine. I only hope it will be the same with me.

    Oh and I have that Simple Song Valentine. It’s just too cute! She has some gorgeous stuff.

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