post No.124 Two!

I am Finally back from Florida. The trip was a good one, and I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my little one – which is the most important thing to me in the world.  Before leaving, we celebrated his second birthday party. I really wanted to make it special for him since we were traveling when he turned one.



I decided to go with a bunting theme since the party would be held outdoors at a beach park by the marina.  Tara and Darcy at Paperwink helped me put this adorable invite together (which is even way cuter in real life !).mosaic9933265

Cristin and Tess helped me make these flag banners for decorations out of scrap paper and ribbon.  Each flag was totally unique and had things like strips, fish, sailboats and candles on them.  I baked “J” cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on the inside which the children especially loved! After the party was over javin and I made thank you cards together for everyone that came.   As we made them, I reminded him of what present each person gave him and he drew a little picture especially for that person on the back side.



8 thoughts on “post No.124 Two!

  1. helping Cristin with Javin’s little birthday flags was so fun- it was surprisingly challenging to come up with nautical designs for a child’s bday party…but it looks like the whole event went off beautifully!

  2. Super fab A! Everything is darling! And of course the gals at PaperWink did a fantastic job on the invites. You rock!

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