post No.128 Darling Clementine

A purple package arrived the other day full of interesting postage.  After studying it carefully for a few seconds I proclaimed with several exclamation marks to everyone around me “IT’S DARLING CLEMENTINE!!”  and tore into the box.

This was definitely the best parcel of the day because

1. it arrived from Norway

2. the purple packaging had blue polka-dots on the reverse

3. look what came inside…





Darling Clementine.- Norway


6 thoughts on “post No.128 Darling Clementine

  1. so sweet, i love it!

    i say you get the chair :] but easy for me to say … i’m still just ‘looking’ at the site. can’t pull the trigger + its driving me nuts!

  2. I have been enjoying cards “just because”, something I never did before. There is just something about getting a hand written note these days. Anyway, have you checkout out I have blogged about her cards, as well as Trina Turks home… the fabric you ordered really looks like something you would find on any chair in any room! Here is my blog is you are interested:

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