post No.132 Friday at the Shop

There are SO many things I have been wanting to write about lately, but sadly never seem to have enough time.  This morning I was trying to decide between 3 different posts that have been brewing in my head for a while and got distracted.  I ended up having to take some pictures in the store for a totally different project.  Then I took a couple extra pics of things I am loving in the shop right now…. and it occurred to me –  this is my post!


new note-sets we just got in from Secret Leaves


awesome calligraphy job that just arrived today from Laura Hooper for one of our lovely brides (who peeled actual birch for their wedding invitations)


Janean made this little display of pretty little things in blues and browns


the “browns” panel of the ribbon display

hmmm… I am thinking this was kind of fun and maybe I will do this every friday….?

Have a great weekend,



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