post No.133 Label Love

I love pretty things that stick.  This is probably why I had volumes of sticker books when I was younger.  During that time, stickers were my life …oily, puffy, rainbow, scratch & sniff… I collected them all and remember that I was a bit possessive when it came  to “trading”.  In some ways stationery is to me now what stickers were to me then.  I have collected it for years and when it comes time to actually sending it, i have a hard time.  This post is about labels. In a nut shell they are stickers that accessorize stationery.  A double whammy.


My friend Laure recently sent me the link to Stuck labels.  I love that you can order these in sheets rather than pre-cut, making it easy to put them through your printer.


Creature Comforts is an amazing blog.  She just posted this D.I.Y printable mailing labels freebie – which you can download here.


Paper Source always has a nice variety labels with cute shapes and colors.


Good find on Etsy, these proper little border labels by Two Girlz come in a huge variety of great colors! This minty jadite is my newest favorite color ( besides brown of course).


2 thoughts on “post No.133 Label Love

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVED stickers too! I had like 5 different sticker books and I ran my own sticker club in elementary. We are such kindred spirits.

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