post No.145 Friday at the Shop

Last night we did inventory.  The players were Tess, Janean, Celia, Joshua, myself and my little sister Ana (who flew in from the east coast to help).  We went a little crazy counting till wee hours of the morning but had a good time.  We blasted music, ate Abbots pizza with beer, redbulls and chocolate covered espresso beans.  My favorite part of all of this was the orange bell.  We broke the store up into “zones” and each conquered an area at a time.  Every time one of us finished a zone we would run up to the master computer and ring the bell – game show style.  There was cheering, competition and delirium.  When we all stumbled into work this morning completely exhausted, I realized “the bell” was still by the computer.   It made me happy to see it because it symbolized a group effort accomplishment.


Below are pictures of a window install we recently did for mothers day.  We had these clear boxes laying around from a shipment of pens and thought it would be cool to reuse them and put little paper butterflys in them – like framed butterfly collections.


The best part about them was that when they flip while hanging, there reverse sides have the word “mom” spelled out on graph paper!


Other exciting Friday news – these New York City notesets we just got in from Galison. Every time I walk by them I get a little more excited for the NSS next month.


Below is a color combination of some assorted notesets in the shop that I am loving.


It is now the end of a very long day. I am heading home to get directly into my pajamas, hug my two special ones and fall into some seriously deep sleep.



5 thoughts on “post No.145 Friday at the Shop

  1. LOVE the window display – it’s simply brilliant! Lots of us sort of do that thing too… the hanging-on-to-packaging-containers-in-case-they-become-useful-later… But I’ve never thought to do something so incredibly cool with them. Wow.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful stuff!! Your window display is great!!! I love the reused pen packaging 🙂 I always hang on to things but never get to use them. Maybe I’ll look through some of my collected items and see what I can come up with! Thanks for the inspiration ❤


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