post No.161 Friday at the Shop – {next friday}

Today’s “Friday at the shop” post  is actually all about next Friday.  Is that cheating?  Really, I don’t think it is because today we are starting to get ready for our next event!


Here is the deal.  It is our first party of the summer and we are going to celebrate by hanging out, eating summer treats, and having a fun project social*. This month’s activity will be making a combined creative flag banner.  You can use our making supplies or bring your own.

+++    Friday June 5th • 7 – 10pm • 1644 Abbot Kinney Blvd.  +++

* Project Social – when people get together to hang out and make cool things


post No.160 Green Things I Love…



viceroy chairs

I wanted to take a break from my NSS show posting and talk about how much I have been gravitating towards the color green lately. The balloon image is a new release card from regional assembly of text that I have been enjoying on my desktop for weeks.  The invitation is from the Thoughtful Day website –  she is a such a talented designer!  The last picture is from The Viceroy Santa Monica.  Joshua just booked us a stay for our June anniversary and I am feeling excited already! Other green things I am loving –  our new binder in the store we nicknamed “the green machine” which is has become our everything for keeping invoices and bills organized, and the chocolate mint ice-cream sandwich I am about to eat right now….. !

post No.159 NSS day1/part2

Good morning friends. Here is some more coverage from the NSS…


Girl of All work is always a favorite booth to go into.  (The telegram notepads stole my heart).


TapeSwell will definitely be a fun addition to the shop.   The projects are already brewing in my head.



Sycamore Street Press! I have had my eye on this line for a while  and am loving their antique framed gift tags


It is always nice to see Kelsie and Elizabeth of Sugarcube Press.  They have been very busy designing some lovely additions to their line as well as a custom wedding album!

okay still more to come….

post No.158 NSS day1/part1

I took like 2 million pictures at the NSS (national stationery show) so as you can imagine it has taken me some time to sort through them all.  It was great to see some amazing new design from people I currently work with and I was excited to discover new lines as well.  Another highlight was hanging out with some folks I have been chatting with but have never actually met! (Darcy, Laura, Nole, Maria, Vané).  Below are some brief highlights of some of the booths to give you a glimpse, but the real posts will kick in as the findings starts to arrive at the shop!


Kate and Birdie never let me down with their excellent use of lamp posts, pigeons, park benches and barber shops!


The Found. This booth was so creative! Sadly I can’t find the catalog/website to give them credit, but the whole concept of the line is based on a series of found mug shots from the 50’s.  It was fascinating looking at all of the different un-suspecting faces. I am a huge fan of old pictures of people I don’t know so this booth was a real treat for me, not to mention that it was merchandised perfectly with all of my favorite nostalgia… old time typewriters, rotary phones, and suitcases.   {update}- Kerry from Green Paper Company just informed me that their awesome website is right here


This was exciting for me.  I have always wanted to get Set in the shop and finally made it happen. Extensive post coming soon, but in the meantime check out her rad website homepage here.


Meeting Ed Roth was a real treat since he is the stencil master!  I have sold many copies of his book “Stencil 101”  at the shop and was thrilled to hear there is a new book being published on the horizon.  In the meantime, I had fun watching him do demos in his booth,  and picked up some stencils kits for project socials at the shop.  Look he has a blog too!

Okay  this is just the beginning. more coming shortly!

post No.157 Blog Outloud!

I’m back!
I will begin my NSS summery later on today, but first wanted to let you know about this


If any of you live in the L.A area and are interested in blogs (which I know you are because you are reading this) you may just love this event!  It will be a night of connecting through creative blogging. A way to meet other like minded peeps and learn more about how a blog can be a good tool for networking, community and business.

There will be a Q&A panel of bloggers for open discussion. The panel includes Johnathan/ Happy Mundane, Megan/ Beach Bungalow8 , Rebecca/Loving Living Small, Richie/Richie Design,  … and myself!  (hope to meet you there!)

“Join us for an evening of informative conversation, conducted by a panel of established bloggers. The town hall-style event will feature 5 successful design bloggers who have learned the ropes of creating a presence through blogging. Enjoy the evening, meet some creative people, have a glass of wine and learn some of the tools you can use to start your own creative blog”

Space is limited, so RSVP here.

post No.156 Friday (away from the shop)

The NSS (National Stationery Show) in New York was amazing, and I am super excited to highlight some of my findings over the next week. Presently, I am still on the East coast in a spot called “Indy Hall”— a metro work space in Old City Philadelphia set up for people to work satellite when they are away from their office. My sister brought me here in hopes that I could tackle some of my work before I get on the plane tonight to head back to L.A.

DSC_0214As far as what is happening in the shop today- I am not quite sure. It’s  3 hours earlier here and we’re not open yet in CA. What I do know is what will be happening in the shop very soon. This is what I have been working on all week!


These are my folders full of orders coming in over the next few months. Stay tuned for pop colored stationery, royalty inspired desk accessories, unique forms of tape, printed glass candles, hand-screeneed postcard sets and the all forms of  design goodness.

Until then have a great weekend.


post No.155 Friday at the Shop

I am about to leave for the National Stationery Show in NYC.   It happens once a year and it is always a blast.  For this “friday at the shop” post  I wanted to give you a peek at all of the booth invitations we have been getting over the last 2 weeks. This is what I consider dream mail !  Every day there are a handful of new creative surprises.







I wish I could highlight all of them  but I am literally about to leave in like 2 seconds. I will be gone for about a week but will be back with enormous amounts of good paper findings.

off to L. A. X !!!



{above mail from paper+cup, yellow owl workshop, dauphine, wiley valentine, delphine, sycamore street press, pikku and dutch door }

post No.154 100 Layers of Detail

My friend Amanda from 100 Layer Cake was over recently and in the course of hanging out, she gave me one of her business cards that she just had printed.  I am a huge fan of good design on paper, so when she handed me this card with so many personal touches and attention to detail – I was flabergasted.  I’ve had her card sitting here on my desk – admiring it for a week,  then I decided, I couldn’t stand it any longer- I needed to post!


We are talking about letterpressed calligraphy, custom die cut edges, a blind deboss texture to match the website and hand-accented watercolor…

on each card!!


As excited as I was to discover all of this, I have to say I wasn’t totally surprised. The pretty ladies over at 100 layer cake obviously take the time to make sure every detail of their blog is equally phenominal. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking it out yet, find a time during the day where you have a spare hour, get yourself a sparkling beverage, sit down and make yourself comfy and click here.

post No.153 Mother’s Day Royal-T

I have been realizing these days, that Mother’s Day feels more important to me than my birthday or any other holiday.  I am still new as a mom (2 years) and everyday figuring out how to be one. I recognize this as my most important role in life and this day is like a validation that I am doing a good job.  Joshua made it special for me this year and surprised me with a brunch at Royal -T.  I hadn’t heard of this place but quickly found out that it is a true gem.  It is like a fancy cafe/ tea house/ art gallery/ boutique venue.   Although the particular art installation that day didn’t appeal to me too much, the place was a sensory overload of design in all forms and we had a great time!


The picture above is the outside of the building!  I have become obsessed with the “faux greens” and am trying to score some for the wall of the newly constructed cinder-block building that went up right outside our window.


All of the waitresses dress in these adorable brown and white french maid fits – making it a truly fancy experience. The teas were really good, and the food was amazing. I would never have guessed this walking in.



I got to hang out a bunch with my little buddy. There was plenty of room for him to explore and he even got to share my cupcake with us!


post No.152 Friday at the shop (briefly)

Today is may 8th and we are very busy with all things Mother’s Day and getting the store ready for an E! shoot tomorrow.  (more on that later)  In the meantime, we JUST got in these fabulous little receiptables from knock knock that are as cute as they are functional. The collection includes portable organizers for errands, money, travel and this week.




have a great weekend!


post No.150 Conversation Tin

As many of you may remember I have been whole heartedly excited about the Conversation Tin that my sister invented.  (click here to find out what it is)

Today is our first guest!  Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8….


A little bit of background first.  I met Megan in Urbanic when she was looking for wedding invitations.  Her and (her then fiancee) Nick are a dynamic couple and were super fun to work with.  I loved all of her ideas, colors and design concepts when she was putting together her wedding stationery.  I remember at one point in our meetings she mentioned her blog.  At that time blogs meant nothing to me but I decided to investigate hers, out of curiosity. It was full of good design, interesting finds, and a great angle of undertone humor that had me addicted from the start. She kind of opened the door to the blog world and gave me some great advice when I started Parcel Post.


Here are the 3 Conversation Tin questions that Megan picked

Nicest thing a passerby has ever done for you?

Once, when I was going through a very tough period in my life, a homeless woman came up to me and handed me a cross she had made from a palm frond. She then looked me in the eye and said, “I can tell you need someone to keep you in their prayers. Remember, you are loved”  Not being a religious person, the actual item wasn’t what touched me but the gesture of giving and basic human connection. The connection made was so profound coming from this woman who seemed to have so little to give.

At what line of latitude does “southern hospitality” kick in?

I’m a believer that making guests feel comfortable and welcome in your home, isn’t so much regional as it is just good old fashion manners.

Top 5 things to do when it is raining
2.go for a run {I love running in the rain}
3.if it’s warm, swimming in a summer downpour is fantastic
4. sit in an old barn and listen to the rain drumming the roof
5. spend the afternoon with your favorite person, a bottle of wine in a quaint restaurant (preferably in Rome)

We have a love hate relationship.

: : :  A Few General Questions : : : : : : : : :

Describe what you do.

I’m an illustrator, turned interior designer with a design blog that has taken on a life of it’s own

When and how did you get started?

I think I’ve probably always had interior design in my blood. I used to build and design doll houses even up through junior high. My friends would come over and I’d quickly shove my little projects under my bed with one foot, so embarrassed that they’d think I was still playing with dolls.  In my 20s I was living in San Francisco and was a textile designer, I began to really pay attention to fabrics and textiles learning everything I could. I had also bought an old house which needed a lot of love. I became so consumed with transforming this house, I knew this was where my heart was ,still. Eventually, I had my work published, began taking on jobs, went back to school to learn some technical fundamentals and am thrilled each time a new challenge comes my way.

What are some of your inspirations ?
I love the some of the aesthetics of the 70s. While I totally love the glammed out hippy chic of the era I also love the tretorn, preppy 70s. Much of what I’m drawn to is reminiscent of my childhood~ spent in a conservative community  with  intellectual parents (my dad an architect, my mother a writer) who exposed me to great art and design.

post No.149 Friday at the Shop

I can’t believe it’s May 1st already- yikes!  It has been a very exciting week at the shop.  For starts, the night we did inventory, Joshua hung our Urbanic sign in the bridal lounge– which brought me great pleasure.


Then we got a sweet package from Simple Song! I am so proud to announce that Urbanic will be the first shop to offer her amazing custom stationery line.



Next- the icing on the cake…. my chairs arrived!!  As many of you know I have been very excited to have our stools re-covered. They arrived in full glory and I am officially a changed person.


The coolest of all Father’s Day cards have been trickling into our collection each day and getting us psyched for June!  (just in case you are wondering I haven’t forgotten to highlight the cutest in Mother’s Day.. just saving up all of the treasures for a Monday post).


Have a lovely weekend my computer friends!