post No.149 Friday at the Shop

I can’t believe it’s May 1st already- yikes!  It has been a very exciting week at the shop.  For starts, the night we did inventory, Joshua hung our Urbanic sign in the bridal lounge– which brought me great pleasure.


Then we got a sweet package from Simple Song! I am so proud to announce that Urbanic will be the first shop to offer her amazing custom stationery line.



Next- the icing on the cake…. my chairs arrived!!  As many of you know I have been very excited to have our stools re-covered. They arrived in full glory and I am officially a changed person.


The coolest of all Father’s Day cards have been trickling into our collection each day and getting us psyched for June!  (just in case you are wondering I haven’t forgotten to highlight the cutest in Mother’s Day.. just saving up all of the treasures for a Monday post).


Have a lovely weekend my computer friends!



9 thoughts on “post No.149 Friday at the Shop

  1. Man, how did I miss that giveaway?!?! Busy, busy, busy I guess. Happy Birthday Parcel Post!! Congrats Aud, on such a lovely blog. I LOVE the recovered chairs, can not wait to see them for reals. Miss you guys!

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