post No.153 Mother’s Day Royal-T

I have been realizing these days, that Mother’s Day feels more important to me than my birthday or any other holiday.  I am still new as a mom (2 years) and everyday figuring out how to be one. I recognize this as my most important role in life and this day is like a validation that I am doing a good job.  Joshua made it special for me this year and surprised me with a brunch at Royal -T.  I hadn’t heard of this place but quickly found out that it is a true gem.  It is like a fancy cafe/ tea house/ art gallery/ boutique venue.   Although the particular art installation that day didn’t appeal to me too much, the place was a sensory overload of design in all forms and we had a great time!


The picture above is the outside of the building!  I have become obsessed with the “faux greens” and am trying to score some for the wall of the newly constructed cinder-block building that went up right outside our window.


All of the waitresses dress in these adorable brown and white french maid fits – making it a truly fancy experience. The teas were really good, and the food was amazing. I would never have guessed this walking in.



I got to hang out a bunch with my little buddy. There was plenty of room for him to explore and he even got to share my cupcake with us!



6 thoughts on “post No.153 Mother’s Day Royal-T

  1. I read about Royal-T in Los Angeles Magazine a while back, but still haven’t gone. After your review I will certainly make some plans to go!

  2. I see Royal-T all the time and wonder about it, now I’ll have to definitely stop in. The faux green is a great idea for that pesky cinder block!!! Or you could put up some of that wallpaper that looks like a forest.

  3. A – thanks for this post. I have driven by this place oodles of times and wondered what the dealio was. Thanks for the scoop! … and glad you had such a lovely mother’s day! – B

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