post No.154 100 Layers of Detail

My friend Amanda from 100 Layer Cake was over recently and in the course of hanging out, she gave me one of her business cards that she just had printed.  I am a huge fan of good design on paper, so when she handed me this card with so many personal touches and attention to detail – I was flabergasted.  I’ve had her card sitting here on my desk – admiring it for a week,  then I decided, I couldn’t stand it any longer- I needed to post!


We are talking about letterpressed calligraphy, custom die cut edges, a blind deboss texture to match the website and hand-accented watercolor…

on each card!!


As excited as I was to discover all of this, I have to say I wasn’t totally surprised. The pretty ladies over at 100 layer cake obviously take the time to make sure every detail of their blog is equally phenominal. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking it out yet, find a time during the day where you have a spare hour, get yourself a sparkling beverage, sit down and make yourself comfy and click here.


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