post No.155 Friday at the Shop

I am about to leave for the National Stationery Show in NYC.   It happens once a year and it is always a blast.  For this “friday at the shop” post  I wanted to give you a peek at all of the booth invitations we have been getting over the last 2 weeks. This is what I consider dream mail !  Every day there are a handful of new creative surprises.







I wish I could highlight all of them  but I am literally about to leave in like 2 seconds. I will be gone for about a week but will be back with enormous amounts of good paper findings.

off to L. A. X !!!



{above mail from paper+cup, yellow owl workshop, dauphine, wiley valentine, delphine, sycamore street press, pikku and dutch door }


5 thoughts on “post No.155 Friday at the Shop

  1. Oh. WOW! It’s enough to make you want to open your own stationary store just to get all the cool booth invites! Oh, wait a second…

  2. One of the many days that I wish I had your job! I’ve been delinquent in thanking you for the lip gloss package. Your wrap-job makes my OCD tendencies jump for joy. I’m going to try to emulate your work on my bridesmaid gifts!

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